Purified Live Resin1g Vape Cart

Each Almora 1g Purified Live Resin cart is packed with a full spectrum, purified extract that boasts 80%+ THC. Clean, flavorful, and potent, our flower comes directly from our sun-drenched California farms where we flash-freeze them to lock in the fresh terpenes establishing our unique flavor profiles. Enjoy a 100% live resin cannabis experience with the Almora Purified Live Resin vape.


About Purified Live Resin

We recommend the low (2.0v) or medium (2.5v) settings on your Almora 510 battery. Lower settings maximize flavor and ensure the oil doesn’t overheat.
Purified Live Resin is the most potent and pure concentrate Almora offers. We are dedicated to extracting only the best compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant like terpenes, THC, and a full spectrum of natural aromatics and complex flavors.
Both products are derived from the same fresh-frozen flower and utilize the same extraction methods. 100% Live Resin contains all of the naturally existing, unrefined compounds found within the flower, while Purified Live Resin goes through an additional process that refines and filters the oil. Both are 100% live resin, the simple difference is one is unrefined and contains more terpenes and one has been purified to boost the potency.
Almora boxes are eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials with an RPET window (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate is a more sustainable alternative to virgin plastic made from recycled PET bottles and containers). They can be recycled curbside but some facilities may not accept them due to the glued-in window. They can still be recycled in some counties, otherwise they will degrade in landfills. Remove the RPET window to make the box 100% recyclable.